Keeping it Simple with the Correct Skin Care Products


Most people have no idea what kind of skin care products are best for their particular skin care needs, and buy more by trial and error than by informed decision. Unfortunately, sometimes the results can be disastrous and lead to allergic reaction, clogged pores or even permanent scarring. By knowing the specific type of skin that one has, it is possible to avoid side effects and find products that can truly benefit the skin, even with homemade skin care products.

There are three basic types of skin – dry, oily and combination. Dry skin will need more moisturizers, and those with dry skin need to avoid ingredients that further dry their skin. One of the ingredients to avoid is salicylic acid. Although this is a very effective acne remedy, it will also cause drier skin. Oily skin will benefit from salicylic acid; however, as this ingredient removes excess facial oils and can help bring about clear skin. Those with combination skin, or have both oily and dry patches on their skin, will often need to acquire a good PH balancing formula before applying anything else. The PH balancers will bring the two types of skin combinations to a happy medium. At that time, the correct type of skin care products can be used.

The best skin care products to use for dry skin should include Shea butter, lanolin, glycerin or other type of natural moisturizer. However, it is recommended that the product is used on a small patch on the arm before being used on the face. This will help to determine if the skin is going to react to the product. Good moisturizers act as anti-aging components by reducing fine lines and softening the skin.

The best organic skin care products for oily skin will often include a citric acid like lemon juice, as this is the ingredient that will dissolve and prevent excess oil buildup. Oily skin will cause acne breakouts and blackheads, so using regular cleansers can not only remove excess oil, but improve the complexion overall. Avoid using heavy moisturizers, and try to use only hypoallergenic products, as these typically cause fewer problems for those with oily skin.

Combination skin is a tough problem to treat, simply because there are fewer products available and it often takes a longer time to correct. Toners and exfoliants are excellent products that will help with combination skin.


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