The Benefits of Choosing Organic Skin Care Products


Organic skin care products are becoming more popular for several reasons. Organic products are better for your home and family, as well as being gentler for the environment. If you are considering making the switch to natural skin care, learning more about the products and their benefits is an important first step.

What to Know

Organic products are, in general, designed to be safe alternatives to products based on chemicals. The ingredients in most commercial skin care include chemicals, such as mercury, that are absorbed through the skin. These chemicals have been linked to a wide range of illnesses, including cancer, headaches, and hormone disruption.

So, why are chemicals used? The bottom line is that companies can increase their profits by using synthetic ingredients. Natural, organic skin care products rely on ingredients such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, and beeswax. When you buy organic, you get the benefit of using safe, non-toxic ingredients that you are familiar with.

Buying Organic

Organic skin care products are becoming widely available. You may notice that organic health and beauty products cost a little more than other options. The price difference reflects the quality of the ingredients used. When making a purchase, take the time to look for an organic certification statement on the packaging. Organically certified products are made with no fertilizers, pesticides, or other synthetics. All of the ingredients in an organically certified product are also non-GMO.

Do They Work?

Yes, organic products work as well as other products. You may need to experiment to find the products that work best for your personal needs, however. Look for plant-based ingredients in soaps and other cosmetics. Some companies also sell milk-based products, such as organic goat’s milk soaps. The scents in organic products are usually essential oils that come from organic sources rather than chemical fragrances.

Try different fragrances and combinations of ingredients to find the right products. For instance, soap made from oats and honey can reduce itching, while organic goat milk soap moisturizes skin. There are also organic cosmetics available, such as beeswax-based mascara. Organic skin care allows you to look and feel your best without the chemical additions found in most commercial products.


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