Coming Full Circle with Organic Cosmetics

Cosmetics is one of the largest consumer driven businesses in the world, and does billions of dollars in business each year. Today, however, more consumers prefer to try organic cosmetics rather than those with harsh chemical ingredients. Simply put, organic cosmetics are those that use all natural ingredients, such as botanicals and moisturizers. Organics are quickly becoming more popular, simply because they are affordable and actually benefit the skin during use.

Pure ingredients equal purer skin. Studies indicate that almost sixty percent of the makeup applied is absorbed by the body, which in turn means that the chemicals in the makeup are also absorbed. Hence the popularity of organic cosmetics – they do not contain toxic chemicals and are often far gentler on sensitive skin.

Interestingly enough, some of the ingredients in today’s best natural cosmetics are those that have been used in home remedies for centuries. Makeup has seemingly come full circle, as some of the best natural cosmetics will include anti-oxidants, which will improve the skin tone and remove visible damage. The best anti-oxidant ingredient in natural cosmetics is green tea. Another ingredient found in the best natural cosmetics is oatmeal. Oatmeal has been a natural remedy for better skin for hundreds of years, and today’s best natural cosmetics will often have a base of oatmeal.

Reading the labels is the best way to determine just how “organic” the best natural cosmetics really are. The product only needs to have seventy percent of its ingredients with a natural base, so this means that consumers could still be buying a product with non-organic components. Parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, petrolatum, sodium laurel and propylene glycol are all ingredients to avoid. If the ingredients have these in them, or list synthetic fragrances or colors, it is best to find another product.

Some of the best natural cosmetics brands are those who have combined clinical research with old-fashioned and simple beauty ingredients. Almay, noted for its hypoallergenic brands of makeup, now has a line of organic products as well. Most popular makeup brands will feature at least some natural lines, so it should be very easy to find the best natural cosmetics in stores or online.


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