Au Naturale: Home Remedies for the Budget-Minded Beauty

With the rising cost of just about everything these days, cosmetics and beauty treatments aren’t immune to increasing prices and more and more women are turning to creating their own home treatments to offset the expense.

Face Care

Everyone woman knows the value of a great moisturizer in their skin care routine and while the shelves are filled with products promising brighter, younger, firmer skin, most of those same products are chock full of synthetic chemicals, perfumes and dyes. To avoid the cost and possible skin reactions, head to your cabinet and grab the extra virgin olive oil, limes and milk. To make your skin glow, combine the juice of one fresh lime, ¼ cup of boiled whole milk cooled to room temperature and a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Dab a bit on an inconspicuous area to test for any possible skin sensitivity as everyone’s skin type reacts differently, even to natural products.

Tired, droopy or lackluster skin? A facial mask is a great way to tighten, brighten and lift overstressed faces. One of the best home beauty secretes known to not only reduce the occasional blemish, but to also provide a healthy dose of “glow” to the skin, are eggs. The choice to use the yolks or just the whites is a personal preference, but either way, using these clever little orbs is a great way to tighten skin. Brush on a ¼ cup of egg whites or one whole egg and cover the entire face, careful to avoid the delicate eye area. Let the mask set for 15-20 minutes and rinse with tepid water. Voilà! Bright, firm skin without the hefty price tag.

Body Care

Lathering on layers and layers of heavy body moisturizers or washes in an effort to keep dry, flaky skin at bay is time consuming, not to mention the extra perfumes and chemicals that seep into the skin. One of the best ways to ward off winter flakiness and restore a rich luster to damaged, dry skin is to first prep in the shower or bath. Taking ½ cup of course, ground sea salt combined with a ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil, creates an indulgent and effective exfoliant. The sea salt works to slough off the dead skin cells that can add to an “aged” effect on the surface of the skin. The olive oil penetrates deeply, delivering essential fatty acids to keep skin firm, moisturized and resilient. The oil is absorbed into the skin acting like a lotion long after the bath or shower are over.

Lips shouldn’t be neglected either as they are prone to dryness and soreness that can result from medications, hormones or seasonal changes. Scooping a bit of Shea butter or almond butter and combining it with a dab of olive oil, makes for a quick healing lip balm that can double for those tiny dry lines around the eyes.

Utilizing home remedies for a beauty treatment are an easy way to greatly reduce not only the cost of more expensive products, but they can also be more environmentally friendly and great for those with sensitive skin.


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