Banish Acne Scars Simply and Safely

After an unsightly pimple is no longer visible, chances are high that you will still be burdened by a flat scar left on the skin. Without proper and prolonged treatment, acne scars can linger for years. Thankfully, expensive trips to a dermatologist are not necessary to remove or diminish acne scars. Very inexpensive acne treatments, using household items, provide all the aid you need to bring about glowing, even-toned skin.

The fresh juice of lemons or limes can by applied daily using cotton pads. When using citrus juices or any acidic liquid for scar lightening, it is a good idea avoid sun exposure on the treated area. Due to their lactic acid, both sour cream and yogurt are great for gradually reducing acne scars. Mix together equal parts of sour cream and yogurt, then add crushed oatmeal. Smooth this onto a clean face each evening, then rinse off with warm water. Tone with witch hazel.

Healthy fats, such as coconut oil, which is high in lauric acid, can work wonders for scars. Massage warm, extra virgin coconut oil into your skin daily, and leave it on until the following day. This is a relaxing treat that also produce a subtly sweet aroma. Moreover, raw shea butter is another fat that heals the symptoms of acne. Simply melt shea butter in a double boiler or microwave, then vigorously massage it into skin. Not only can shea butter remove scars, but it also has the ability to prevent future pimples. Another option is rosehip seed oil, which is extracted from the the wild, thorny rose bush. It is proven to have properties that are skin regenerative and UV protective, in addition to its scar healing ability. Only a few drops are required due to its potency.

If an herbal approach is what you prefer, purchase fenugreek leaves. Mix them with water and grind to a paste. This is a highly effective method of scar reduction. A much more common kitchen item, eggs, should be utilized as well. Spread egg whites on the skin and leave on overnight; the zinc contained in the egg whites is the star nutrient that gets rid of pesky scars. One more item sure to perform well is vitamin E. Prick a vitamin E capsule, and spread the oil on the scars. Using any or all of these home remedies surely sets you on the path toward blemish-free skin.


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