Three of the Most Common Chemicals Found in Makeup


Makeup can be a great way to either cover up skin flaws or enhance the beauty of certain facial features. Unfortunately, though, makeup can contain harmful ingredients that are not necessarily safe. When makeup is absorbed into the skin it is also absorbed into the bloodstream, and this can be bad if the makeup being worn is full of toxic chemicals. If you are concerned about chemicals in makeup, you may want to try to avoid purchasing cosmetics that contain these three most common and harmful ingredients found in makeup.

Paraben Preservatives

Paraben preservatives are potentially harmful preservatives that are used to keep bacteria out of certain cosmetics. Although you do not want your makeup to grow bacteria, paraben preservatives may in fact be more harmful than the bacteria it protects makeup from. Paraben preservatives have been shown to disrupt hormones and may cause breast cancer. These preservatives can be found in foundation, mascara, concealer, sunscreen and skin creams.

Propylene/ Butylene Glycol (PG)

These nasty chemicals can be found in certain mascara, lipstick, body lotion, and face creams and have been shown to increase the odds of developing brain and liver abnormalities, rashes, respiratory problems, and central nervous system depression.


Although most people associate fragrance with beauty products that smell good, you should avoid any makeup that includes this potentially harmful chemical on its list of ingredients. Fragrance has been linked to certain cancers and can cause major hormonal imbalances. Fragrance is found in everything from foundation to lipstick, and it is one of the most dangerous chemicals in makeup.

These are just three of the many chemicals in makeup that can cause serious health problems. There are many more chemicals in makeup that can cause everything from minor skin irritations and rashes to deadly cancer, so it is important that you research the chemicals in makeup before you put any type of cosmetic on your skin. While many makeup contains a variety of potentially harmful chemicals that are bad for your health, there are a variety of makeup brands that specialize in providing safe, all natural cosmetics. If you are concerned about what you are putting in your body when you put makeup on your face, be sure to do your research so to avoid potentially deadly chemicals in makeup.


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